About Me

  • Full Name:Vadhadiya Parth Rameshbhai
  • Email:parthvadhadiya424@gmail.com
  • Address:Ahmedabad, Gujarat - INDIA

Hey There!

As an experienced Senior Software Engineer with a strong background in the information technology industry, I bring over 6+ years of expertise to the table. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed teams and delivered outstanding projects, showcasing my skills in Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, MySQL, AWS, Azure, machine learning, deep learning, and Large Language Models. Additionally, my proficiency extends to conducting research in NLP and computer vision, as well as working with hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, sensors, and NVIDIA Jetson.

I hold an M.Sc. in Computer Application and Information Technology and am passionate about using my knowledge and experience to mentor and guide my team to success. With my leadership abilities and technical expertise, I continuously strive to drive innovation and exceed project goals.

Beyond the world of technology, I have a deep love for sports, especially hockey. I have had the privilege of representing my country in national-level tournaments, which has taught me the value of teamwork, discipline, and determination. I believe these qualities translate seamlessly into my professional career, enabling me to approach challenges with a focused and driven mindset.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Senior NodeJS Developer

    Thinkwik India Online Services LLP -> 2020 - Current

    Own the entire Node-js back-end for our iOS and Android app, including but not limited to the matching algorithm. Build new features, bug fix and suggest projects that will improve product and infrastructure. Make technical and product decisions based on road-map autonomously. Mentor junior engineers. Assist with Dev-Ops as needed, help lead the research for the Dev-Ops team if needed .

  • NodeJS/Python Developer

    Mobpair Technologies -> 2018 - 2020

    My day-to-day work is to create node-Js software code that will assist and integrate into an ecosystem of in-house enterprise software. Automate user interface testing using natural language processing, selenium, puppeteer and chrome Devtool. Convert existing monolithic applications into micro-services using agile methodology. Build a Machine Learning model to distinguishes fraud and legitimate web traffic.

  • Python Developer

    AtomByte -> 2017 - 2018

    AtomByte is Internet of Things based startup. Where I led the effort to build data analysis and data visualization end to end system for manufacture companies.

  • Junior Researcher

    Dept. of CS(kskvku) -> 2017 - 2018

    Completed internship in NLP and Information Extraction as a junior researcher. Where I encounter many NLP tasks like named entity recognition, POS, text parsing, information extraction from text and sentiment analysis.

  • Education

  • Post-Graduate Degree

    K.S.K.V. Kutch University -> 2016 - 2018

    Completed Master of Science in Computer Application & Information Technology - MSc(CA & IT).

  • Undergraduate Degree

    K.S.K.V. Kutch University -> 2013 - 2016

    Completed Bachelor of Science in Computer Application & Information Technology - BSc(CA & IT).

  • Schooling

    M.S.V High School -> : - 2013

    Complated 12th in Commerce with Accountancy, Bussines studies and Economics.

Programming Languages & Libraries

Core JAVA72%

Tools and Technologies









Android Studio60%

Agile Methodology81%



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